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TS Labs - Sundae Driver - 15mL

TS Labs - Sundae Driver - 15mL

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An Indica dominant Hybrid strain, Sundae Driver is a cross between FPOG and Grape Pie.  

Sundae Driver has a very sweet and fruity taste (Like that of a dessert sundae!) with tones of chocolate.  Sundae Driver, an Indica-dominant hybrid, emerges from the harmonious fusion of FPOG and Grape Pie strains, culminating in a botanical masterpiece. As its name suggests, Sundae Driver tantalizes the palate with a delightful symphony of flavors reminiscent of a decadent dessert experience. Upon inhalation, its essence envelopes the senses in a sweet and fruity embrace, evoking visions of indulgent sundaes. However, what truly sets Sundae Driver apart is its subtle undertones of rich chocolate, adding depth and complexity to each exhale. This strain offers a journey of taste unparalleled in the world of cannabis, combining the lusciousness of ripe fruits with the comforting familiarity of cocoa. Whether enjoyed for its flavor profile or sought for its relaxing effects, Sundae Driver promises a sensory adventure that delights both the connoisseur and the curious alike.

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