Collection: Applicators/Tips

Experience precision and reliability with our high-quality luer lock tips, syringes, and applicators, designed to meet the demands of your most intricate tasks.

Crafted with precision-engineered luer lock connections, our tips ensure a secure and leak-free fit, allowing for precise control and accurate dispensing of liquids and materials. Made from premium materials, our syringes offer exceptional durability and chemical resistance, making them ideal for a wide range of applications, including pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, and laboratory research.

Whether you're filling cartridges, dispensing adhesives, or administering medications, our luer lock tips, syringes, and applicators provide the perfect solution for your needs. Available in various sizes and configurations, our products offer versatility and compatibility with different equipment and workflows, ensuring seamless integration into your processes.

Trust in our quality luer lock tips, syringes, and applicators to deliver consistent performance and precise results, helping you achieve your goals with confidence and efficiency.