Collection: Lab Accessories

Enhance your laboratory operations with our comprehensive range of high-quality lab accessories. From essential consumables to specialized equipment, we offer everything you need to optimize your workflows and achieve accurate results.

Our selection includes:

1. Pipettes and pipette tips for precise liquid handling

2. Beakers, flasks, and cylinders for accurate measurement and mixing

3. Centrifuge tubes and microcentrifuge tubes for sample preparation and storage

4. Petri dishes and culture plates for cell culture and microbiology applications

5. Safety equipment such as gloves, goggles, and lab coats to ensure a safe working environment

6. Stir bars, magnetic stirrers, and hot plates for efficient mixing and heating

7. Filtration units, syringe filters, and filter paper for sample clarification and purification

8. pH meters, thermometers, and other measuring instruments for monitoring experimental conditions

9. Cryogenic storage solutions for