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Daborizer Glass Bubbler - V2

Daborizer Glass Bubbler - V2

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The DABORIZER GLASS BUBBLER V2 is designed to enhance your dabbing experience by allowing you to use your Daborizer battery as a portable dab rig. The glass bubbler attachment adds a level of water filtration to your hits, resulting in smoother and more enjoyable dabs. This accessory is a convenient way to enjoy the benefits of a dab rig without the need for a full-sized setup. Just attach the bubbler to your Daborizer battery and experience a new level of portability and functionality for your dabbing sessions.Elevate your dabbing experience with the DABORIZER GLASS BUBBLER V2, ingeniously designed to transform your Daborizer battery into a portable dab rig. This sleek glass bubbler attachment introduces water filtration, ensuring each hit is smoother and more satisfying than ever before. Say goodbye to cumbersome setups – this accessory offers the convenience of a dab rig in a compact, portable form. Simply attach the bubbler to your Daborizer battery and enjoy unparalleled portability and functionality during your dabbing sessions. With the DABORIZER GLASS BUBBLER V2, experience the best of both worlds: the potency of dabs with the ease of on-the-go use. Don't settle for ordinary dabbing – upgrade to the DABORIZER GLASS BUBBLER V2 and elevate every hit to new heights of enjoyment and convenience.

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