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Steam Distillation Kit - 2L

Steam Distillation Kit - 2L

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  • 2L Essential Oil Distillation Kit: 2000ml lab essential oil distillation kit based on steam distillation principle to operate, increases essential oil rate, higher purity than the traditional way. This distillation apparatus can be used to DIY any essential oil you like.
  • 3.3 Borosilicate Glass: All glassware is upgraded 3.3 borosilicate glass material with good thermal stability. Hand-blown and polished for the perfect fit. The coefficient of thermal expansion of the glass is extremely small and can withstand severe temperature changes.
  • Standard & Frosted Joints: Joints are all standard size; it is easy to install and replace. All joints are frosted for high air-sealed and no air leakage, ensuring distillation purity. The high distillation rate saves you money.
  • Secure Electronic Heater: Unlike the unsafe and complicated alcohol lamp heating, we provide a 1KW electric stove to heat the boiling flask, getting water vapor faster. And provide stable support and adjustable clamps to meet different operating requirements.
  • Complete & Professional Kit: 2000ml 2-neck boiling flask, 2000ml filling flask, electronic heating stove, metal stand, accessories kit, and clamp kit. This kit is perfect for collecting essential oils, water extracts, and distilled water in laboratories, homes, research centers, teaching, and other places.

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