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Lab Buddy 500ml Separatory Funnel

Lab Buddy 500ml Separatory Funnel

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Capacity - 500 milliliters

Material - Glass

Bottom Joint Size - 24/40

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Separatory Separation Funnels

Optimize your laboratory separations with our high-quality separatory separation funnels. Explore our range of durable glass and plastic separatory funnels designed for precise liquid-liquid extractions and separations. From small-scale to industrial applications, our separatory funnels offer superior chemical resistance and reliable performance. Streamline your workflow and achieve accurate results with our trusted separatory separation funnels, essential equipment for any laboratory setting.

Elevate your laboratory extractions with our premium separatory separation funnels. Crafted for precision and durability, these essential tools streamline liquid-liquid separations with ease. Whether you're performing small-scale experiments or industrial applications, our separatory funnels ensure reliable performance and superior chemical resistance. Explore our range today and experience the efficiency and accuracy these trusted lab companions bring to your workflow.