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TS Labs - Dragon Berry - 15mL

TS Labs - Dragon Berry - 15mL

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Immerse yourself in the enchanting aura of Dragon Berry, a terpene blend that uplifts the spirit and evokes a sense of euphoria. At the forefront, you'll be greeted by the delightful top notes, which exude a sweet and fruity aroma reminiscent of freshly picked berries. These top notes dance gracefully, tantalizing the senses with their vibrant sweetness and tropical allure.

As the fragrance unfolds, subtle undertones of earthiness emerge, adding depth and richness to the overall aroma. These earthy undertones are ripe and nuanced, providing a harmonious balance to the sweetness of the berries. The result is a captivating fragrance that seamlessly combines the best of both worlds: the sweet and tropical with the earthy and grounded.

Whether you're starting your day or winding down in the evening, the uplifting and euphoric aroma of Dragon Berry is sure to elevate your mood and enhance your sensory experience. Close your eyes and let the fragrance transport you to a lush tropical paradise, where the air is filled with the intoxicating scent of ripe berries and earthy undertones.

Experience the magic of Dragon Berry and let its sweet, tropical, and earthy aroma envelop you in a sense of blissful euphoria. Whether enjoyed on its own or blended with other terpenes, Dragon Berry is sure to elevate your sensory journey and leave you feeling uplifted and inspired.

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