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Perfect Prime Thermometer

Perfect Prime Thermometer

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High Precision Thermometer



Brand.          PerfectPrime

Color Green
Age Range (Description) Adult
Unit Count 1.0 Count
Power Source Battery Powered
Model Name TC2100GN
Number of Batteries 1 9V batteries required.
Item Length 20 inches
Response Time 0.5 seconds
Style 2 CH w/ USB Datalog to PC
  • Data Log inside meter and USB transfer to PC, real time monitor and data analysis
  • Self / Auto calibration, Thermocouple deviation to compensate in ambient room temperature
  • K: -200.0°C to +1372°C / -328.0°F to +2501°F, J: -210.0°C to +1200°C / -346.0°F to +2192°F , T: -250.0°C to +400°C / -418.0°F to +752°F , E: -150.0°C to +1000°C / -238.0°F to +1832°F , R: 0°C to +1767°C / 32°F to +3212°F , S: 0°C to +1767°C / 32°F to +3212°F , N: -200.0°C to +1300°C / -328.0°F to +2372°F
  • Accuracy: K,J,T,E: +/-(0.2% + 0.5°C); R,S: +/-(0.2% + 1°C); N: +/-(0.2% + 0.5°C)
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