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Mylar Bag - 1 Gram (1 ct)

Mylar Bag - 1 Gram (1 ct)

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Mylar Bag - 1 Gram (1 ct)

Our scent proof mylar style bags serve a wide range of uses. Each mylar bag has a thick zipper to keep the product fresh! Each bag can be heat sealed at the top, has easy tear notches, and is 4MIL. Bags are an affordable packaging solution that do not take up a lot of space. Mylar bag style material matched with foil construction is what makes this product the best available solution for wholesale high quality packaging. The surface of the bag is perfect for custom labels. Interested in customizing your bag? Send us an email to speak to an account manager today. 

Product Specs:

      • Color: Gloss Black / Gloss Black
      • Opacity - Opaque
      • Size: 3.5 Gram - 3.62"x5"x1.5"

Easy size guide:

      • Pre Roll - 6"x2.7"
      • 1 Gram - 3"x4.5"
      • 1/8 Ounce - 3.62"x5"x1.5"
      • 1/4 Ounce - 4"x6.5"x1.78"
      • 1/2 Ounce - 5"x8.14"x2.33"
      • 1 Ounce - 6"x9.25"x2.33"

Mylar Bag is an excellent choice for those seeking superior storage solutions because it offers numerous benefits. This 1 gram capacity Mylar Bag ensures your contents remain fresh, protected, and well-sealed, making it ideal for small storage applications. Our Mylar Bags are designed to keep out moisture, air, and contaminants, so they are perfect for preserving the quality of your products.

These Mylar Bags are constructed from high-quality materials that provide a reliable barrier against odor and light, helping to maintain the integrity of the stored contents. This is especially crucial for products that are sensitive to environmental factors. With a Mylar Bag, you can reduce the risk of spoilage and extend the shelf life of your items. Whether you need storage for herbs, spices, small quantities of food, or other sensitive materials, this Mylar Bag is up to the task.

One of the standout features of our Mylar Bag is its durability. The bag's construction ensures that it can withstand various storage conditions without compromising its protective qualities. Additionally, the easy-to-seal design makes it convenient to use, whether you're packing it for short-term storage or looking to keep items for long periods. By using a Mylar Bag, you take the necessary steps to protect your investments and ensure their longevity.

When it comes to storage solutions, the Mylar Bag is a top choice because of its versatility. These bags can be used in multiple scenarios, from personal use at home to commercial applications in businesses that require airtight packaging. Their compact size makes them especially useful for single-serve or small batch storage, ensuring that each portion remains just as fresh as the day it was sealed. Additionally, because these bags are lightweight and easy to transport, they're perfect for on-the-go storage needs.

In conclusion, a Mylar Bag with a one gram capacity is an indispensable tool for anyone looking to maintain superior storage standards. The bag's robust features ensure your items stay fresh and secure, providing peace of mind and efficiency. Whether you need to store perishables, small amounts of specialty items, or just want an extra layer of protection, our Mylar Bag is the ideal solution. Experience the benefits of Mylar Bag storage and keep your essentials in optimum condition.

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Protect your products with our high-quality Mylar bags. Explore our range of durable, moisture-resistant Mylar bags, perfect for storing food, herbs, electronics, and more. With various sizes and styles available, our Mylar bags offer reliable protection and freshness preservation. Keep your items safe and secure with our premium Mylar bags, designed to meet your packaging needs.

Preserve freshness and extend shelf life with our premium Mylar bags. Crafted from durable materials, our Mylar bags provide airtight protection against moisture, oxygen, and light, keeping your products in optimal condition. Ideal for food storage, electronics, and other sensitive items, these versatile bags offer reliable protection and peace of mind. Explore our range of sizes and styles to find the perfect solution for your packaging needs. Trust in our Mylar bags to safeguard your products and maintain their quality for longer.