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Dragon Chewer

Mylar Bags - 1/4 Oz (1 ct)

Mylar Bags - 1/4 Oz (1 ct)

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  • May vary between 4.5 - 5 mil.
  • Performance: 32° - 140° F
  • Can be sealed with all poly bag sealers.
  • Odor-resistant barrier properties.
  • "Holds" in the chart is an approximation based on testing with coffee beans. 
    • Actual capacity varies depending on product being packaged.
  • Recycled Content: 0%
  • Not recyclable 
  • Not biodegradable
  • Bag seals are leak-resistant, but not recommended for acidic, oily or salty liquids.
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mylar bags

Protect your products with our high-quality Mylar bags. Explore our range of durable, moisture-resistant Mylar bags, perfect for storing food, herbs, electronics, and more. With various sizes and styles available, our Mylar bags offer reliable protection and freshness preservation. Keep your items safe and secure with our premium Mylar bags, designed to meet your packaging needs.

Preserve freshness and extend shelf life with our premium Mylar bags. Crafted from durable materials, our Mylar bags provide airtight protection against moisture, oxygen, and light, keeping your products in optimal condition. Ideal for food storage, electronics, and other sensitive items, these versatile bags offer reliable protection and peace of mind. Explore our range of sizes and styles to find the perfect solution for your packaging needs. Trust in our Mylar bags to safeguard your products and maintain their quality for longer.