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High Speed Homogenizer Lab Disperser Emulsifier

High Speed Homogenizer Lab Disperser Emulsifier

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  • Note: This homogenizer is the newest version of FSH-2A, which has better plug-in, components and parts. And its plug wire is also replaceable. And this update version has one more main switch than the original version. Attention: This series of homogenizer only have FSH-2A and FSH-2B, no other model. The difference between FSH-2A and FSH-2B is that the processing capacity of FSH-2A is 5-1000ml, the processing capacity of FSH-2B is 5-1500ml.
  • Working mode: This high speed homogenizer can work continuously no more than 5 minutes at a time. It is generally recommended to play 1-2 minutes to pause for 1-2 minutes, which can be repeated many times.
  • About the white ptfe parts: The white ptfe parts are the spare parts for the probe inside if the internal one may be wearing out the most, you could replace the parts when they are worn out. There is a video about how to replace the parts on our product description.
  • What makes this homogenizer different: Our FSH-2A homogenizer has upgraded the power cords and switches. The power cord of the updated version is detachable, and the machine has one more main switch than the old version, which has double insurance and is more safe. Our performance is the most advanced of these homogenizers in the 5-1000ml capacity range.
  • Package included: Homogenizer x 1; 1212G working head x 1; 1218G working head x1; spare ptfe parts x 4; power cable x 1; clamp x 1; sample tube x2.
  • Application: This homogenizer can make the cell membrane rupture to nuclear separation, and can be used at different speeds to break the DNA chain, or make large molecules to break into small molecules.
  • Attention: This homogenizer is a high speed homogenizer, it has no low speed. After powering on and turning on the switch, the speed knob needs to be rotated to a high speed more than 6000rpm, or it will not work.

  • Size: 27*17*40cm
    Working mode: alternate 5 minutes
    Working method: internal cutting tool
    Contact material: stainless steel and polytetrafluoroethylene

         The instrument should be placed on a horizontal work surface, and the homogenization knives required for installation must be in place. When turning on the power to test the machine, first use a cup or utensil filled with water to submerge the plum blossom knife head in the water, turn on the power switch, and adjust slowly Turn the speed knob to fast and there is no obvious metal friction sound (if there is metal friction sound, turn off the power, loosen the 6M/M clamping screw of the tool, turn the outer fixing sleeve into place at random, and then tighten it) before it can work.
         Cut the plants or microorganisms to be tested into small pieces or pieces, put them in the supplied glassware, clamp them in the middle of the magnet bracket (seven-shaped), loosen the 8M/M fixing screws of the fixed motor base, and slowly align them Move the mouth of the vessel down so that the homogenization head is 2-3mm away from the bottom of the vessel, and then tighten the 8M/M screws.

    FSH-2A Adjustable High-Speed Homogenizer Instrument Maintenance:
    After long-term use, the PTFE in the high-speed disperser cutter is a vulnerable part for users to replace.

    After each work, remove the knives and rinse them with water to dry.

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