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Daborizer 1.0 mL Rechargeable Disposable Pod Systems V1

Daborizer 1.0 mL Rechargeable Disposable Pod Systems V1

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Daborizer 1ml Rechargeable Disposable Pod Systems that are designed for thin and medium viscosity oils. Here are the key features of these pod systems:

- **Heavy Metal Free:** The pod systems are constructed without heavy metals, making them safer for use.
- **Rechargeable:** They are designed to be recharged for multiple uses.
- **3.7v Ceramic Coil:** The pod systems come with a ceramic coil that provides a smooth vaping experience.
- **Stainless Steel Internals:** The internals of the pod systems are made of stainless steel, ensuring durability and corrosion resistance.
- **Aluminum Body:** The body of the pod systems is constructed from aluminum, which offers lightweight yet sturdy construction.
- **8-Second Shutoff:** The pod systems have an automatic shutoff feature after 8 seconds of continuous use, which helps conserve battery and prevent overheating.
- **220mAh Battery:** These pod systems are powered by a 220mAh battery for long-lasting use.

- **Bulk Orders and Custom Printing:** Factory direct bulk orders are available, and custom printing options are offered. For more details, you can contact the store at 734-905-7477.

If you are interested in purchasing these pod systems or exploring custom printing options, feel free to reach out to the store for further information.

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