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SPD Short Path Head V3 - 5L - (Packable)

SPD Short Path Head V3 - 5L - (Packable)

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Introducing the SPD Short Path Head V3 - 5L Distillation Head

Thick Walled Glassware made of High Grade Borosilicate 3.3 by VIKING GLASSWORX™

34/45 Main Joint, 24/40 Thermo Port, 29/42 Condenser Joint

Extra wide condenser for faster flow rate

Ability to pack media in head for more surface area

Includes 2 x GL-14 Hose Barbs

The SPD Short Path Head V3 is an essential tool for laboratories requiring precise and efficient distillation processes. This 5L distillation head is not only packable, making it easy to store and transport, but it also features state-of-the-art design and functionality. With its advanced technology, the SPD Short Path Head V3 ensures superior performance and reliability, which is crucial for obtaining high-purity distillates in laboratory settings.

Engineered for excellence, the SPD Short Path Head V3 boasts top-tier materials and craftsmanship. Each component of this distillation head is designed to provide maximum efficiency and durability. The 5L capacity allows for significant processing volumes, making it ideal for both small-scale and larger operations. And because it's packable, the SPD Short Path Head V3 is perfect for laboratories with limited space or those requiring equipment mobility. This feature does not compromise its structural integrity, ensuring consistent operation and long-term use.

The SPD Short Path Head V3 facilitates quick and effective separation of compounds, thanks to its optimized design. This advanced distillation head minimizes thermal decomposition and maximizes distillate purity by providing precise control over the distillation process. Laboratory technicians will appreciate the ease of setup and the clear visibility of the procedure, making it simpler to monitor and adjust parameters as needed. The result is a streamlined workflow and improved outcomes in research and production projects.

In addition to its functional advantages, the SPD Short Path Head V3 - with its 5L capacity - is constructed to meet stringent safety standards. It incorporates robust connections and fittings that ensure a secure and leakage-free operation. This attention to detail reduces the risk of contamination and enhances the overall safety of the distillation process. The packable design also eases handling and maintenance, allowing users to keep the equipment in optimal condition with minimal downtime.

Overall, the SPD Short Path Head V3 represents a significant advancement in laboratory distillation technology. It combines efficiency, reliability, and user-friendliness in a compact, packable form factor. Whether you’re performing routine distillations or engaging in complex research, this 5L distillation head is designed to meet and exceed your expectations. Upgrade your laboratory setup with the SPD Short Path Head V3 and experience the difference in performance and convenience.

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Short Path Head

Upgrade your distillation setup with our premium Short Path Distillation Head. Engineered for precision and efficiency, our distillation head is crafted from high-quality materials to ensure optimal performance and durability.

Key Features:

-Precision Engineering: Our Short Path Distillation Head is meticulously designed to provide accurate separation of compounds, resulting in high-purity distillate.

-Durability: Made from durable materials, this distillation head is built to withstand high temperatures and rigorous use, ensuring long-lasting performance.

-Compatibility: Compatible with a wide range of distillation setups, our distillation head seamlessly integrates into your existing equipment for easy installation and use.

-Enhanced Efficiency: The streamlined design of our distillation head minimizes vapor losses and maximizes the efficiency of the distillation process, allowing you to achieve higher yields with less waste.

-Versatility: Whether you're distilling essential oils, extracting cannabinoids, or purifying solvents, our Short Path Distillation Head is versatile enough to meet your diverse needs.


-Improved Distillation Results: Achieve superior distillation results with our precision-engineered distillation head, producing high-quality distillate with greater purity.

-Cost-Effective Solution: Invest in our Short Path Distillation Head to optimize your distillation process and reduce operational costs by maximizing efficiency and minimizing waste.

-Enhanced Productivity: Streamline your distillation operations and increase productivity with our reliable and easy-to-use distillation head, allowing you to focus on producing high-quality end products.

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