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Chromatography Column w/ Vac Assist (2"x24")

Chromatography Column w/ Vac Assist (2"x24")

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Our Viking Lab Supply Chromatography vacuum column is designed to help separate liquid chemical compounds. Our chromatography column has a built in 2" 10 Micron fritted disc.

Can be used with filtration media for Pesticide remediation 

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Enhance your chromatography process with our premium borosilicate 3.3 chromatography columns featuring frit, available in multiple sizes. Achieve unparalleled separation efficiency and purity in your lab experiments. Explore our diverse range of sizes to match your specific application needs. Trust in the superior quality and precision engineering of our borosilicate 3.3 columns for consistent and reliable results every time."

Discover the pinnacle of chromatography performance with our borosilicate 3.3 chromatography columns, complete with frit and available in a variety of sizes to suit your laboratory needs. Crafted from premium borosilicate glass, these columns ensure exceptional durability and chemical resistance, while the integrated frit guarantees optimal flow control and particle retention. Experience unparalleled efficiency and versatility in your chromatographic separations with our reliable and precisely engineered columns. Explore our range of sizes today to elevate your chromatography workflow to new heights.