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True Terpenes - SFV OG - 15ml

True Terpenes - SFV OG - 15ml

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Strain: Hybrid

Fragrance: Piney, earthy, dirty, pungent

Effects:  Restful, couch-lock, euphoric, happy

SFV OG is a sativa-dominant hybrid with creeping indica effects and a highly pungent, earthy pine odor. Promotes a happy, creative and peaceful euphoria.

This product does not contain any THC, CBD, or any other active cannabinoids.

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true terpenes

Enhance Your Products with True Terpenes - Available at Viking Lab Supply

Unlock the full potential of your creations with True Terpenes, a leading provider of high-quality, botanically derived terpenes. Available at Viking Lab Supply, True Terpenes offers a wide array of terpene profiles that can enhance flavors, aromas, and effects in a variety of applications, from vaping products to culinary innovations. Each terpene blend is formulated for consistency and purity, ensuring you receive only the best ingredients for your needs.


Wide Variety of Profiles: From classic strains to unique blends, find the perfect match for any product.
Botanically Derived: Sourced from natural, high-quality botanical ingredients.
Consistency and Purity: Rigorously tested for a reliable and clean product every time.
Use Cases:

Vaping and E-liquids: Add complexity and desired effects to your vape juices.
Aromatherapy: Utilize therapeutic properties in your wellness products.
Food and Beverage: Infuse unique flavors into gourmet creations.

Discover the art of flavor and aroma with True Terpenes, now available at Viking Lab Supply. As a leader in high-quality, botanically derived terpenes, True Terpenes provides the essential ingredients for enhancing your vaping, culinary, and aromatherapy products. With each terpene blend crafted for maximum purity and consistency, trust Viking Lab Supply to deliver the finest enhancements for your creations. Explore our selection of True Terpenes today and elevate your products with nature’s best.

Explore the diverse range of True Terpenes at Viking Lab Supply and discover how these high-quality extracts can transform your products and enhance user experience. Whether for enhancement of flavors, aromas, or therapeutic effects, True Terpenes offers the excellence your products deserve.