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SPD Short Path Head V2 - 10L

SPD Short Path Head V2 - 10L

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Thick Walled Glassware made of High Grade Borosilicate 3.3 by VIKING GLASSWORX™

34/45 Main Joint, 24/40 Thermo Port, 29/42 Condenser Joint

Very Fast Flow Rates

Includes 2 x GL-14 Hose Barbs

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Short Path Head

Upgrade your distillation setup with our premium Short Path Distillation Head. Engineered for precision and efficiency, our distillation head is crafted from high-quality materials to ensure optimal performance and durability.

Key Features:

-Precision Engineering: Our Short Path Distillation Head is meticulously designed to provide accurate separation of compounds, resulting in high-purity distillate.

-Durability: Made from durable materials, this distillation head is built to withstand high temperatures and rigorous use, ensuring long-lasting performance.

-Compatibility: Compatible with a wide range of distillation setups, our distillation head seamlessly integrates into your existing equipment for easy installation and use.

-Enhanced Efficiency: The streamlined design of our distillation head minimizes vapor losses and maximizes the efficiency of the distillation process, allowing you to achieve higher yields with less waste.

-Versatility: Whether you're distilling essential oils, extracting cannabinoids, or purifying solvents, our Short Path Distillation Head is versatile enough to meet your diverse needs.


-Improved Distillation Results: Achieve superior distillation results with our precision-engineered distillation head, producing high-quality distillate with greater purity.

-Cost-Effective Solution: Invest in our Short Path Distillation Head to optimize your distillation process and reduce operational costs by maximizing efficiency and minimizing waste.

-Enhanced Productivity: Streamline your distillation operations and increase productivity with our reliable and easy-to-use distillation head, allowing you to focus on producing high-quality end products.

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