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Magnetic Stirrer/Mixer, 10L

Magnetic Stirrer/Mixer, 10L

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  • Power Source: 110v 60Hz
  • Speed Range: 0-1250r/min Infinite speed variation
  • Heating Power: 300W
  • Timing Range: 0-120min
  • Temp Control: RT-100°C (Digital Display)
  • Includes 2 spin bars and extra fuse
  • 1 year warranty

(Beaker not included)

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magnetic stirrer hot plate

Maximize Efficiency with Viking Lab Supply’s Magnetic Stirrer Hot Plates

Viking Lab Supply offers state-of-the-art magnetic stirrer hot plates, designed for laboratories that demand both precision heating and stirring capabilities. Ideal for a variety of applications, from chemical synthesis to biological experiments, our magnetic stirrer hot plates ensure consistent temperatures and smooth stirring for optimal experimental outcomes.


Dual Functionality: Combines efficient heating and magnetic stirring in one compact unit.
Precise Temperature Control: Equipped with adjustable thermostats for accurate heat settings.
Durable Construction: Made with chemical-resistant materials to withstand harsh laboratory environments.
Use Cases:

Chemical Synthesis: Enables precise control over reaction conditions for reproducible results.
Microbiology: Maintains specific temperatures for culturing and studying microorganisms.
Education: An essential tool for teaching chemistry and biology principles in laboratories.

Elevate your laboratory's capabilities with Viking Lab Supply’s magnetic stirrer hot plates, the perfect blend of heating and stirring efficiency. Tailored for scientific rigor, our hot plates offer precise control and reliable operation, making them indispensable for modern labs. From educational settings to high-stakes research, trust Viking Lab Supply to provide top-tier equipment that meets your exacting standards.

Upgrade your laboratory's efficiency with Viking Lab Supply’s magnetic stirrer hot plates. Perfect for labs needing robust, dual-purpose equipment, our hot plates deliver unmatched performance. Browse our selection today and experience the pinnacle of laboratory precision and convenience.