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Why Using Vacuum Hemp Distillation for Improving Processing of Hemp Products

Similar to the larger cannabis market, the smaller CBD submarket is going through tremendous growth. As per Forbes, this industry is expected to cross the revenue of around $2.1 billion in sales in 3 years, with $500 million only coming from the hemp products.

CBD is generally used for medicinal purposes, and unlike THC products, they have lots of benefits. CBD is derived from industrial hemp or marijuana plant, and they are best to treat anxiety, vomiting, inflammation, epilepsy and other health issues.

Whether you are using cannabis or hemp to make medicinal products, the processors and lab technicians are looking for modern tools that help improve CBD manufacturing in terms of quality and output. To get the best results, it is very important to have access to the hemp distillation equipment in the USA from a trusted provider like Viking Lab Supply that provides some of the best equipment and tools for CBD or hemp extraction and filtration.

What Are the Manufacturing Needs for CBD or Hemp Products?

The CBD products need to have additional processing that removes the terpenes and reduces the THC content to avoid the increased effect of drowsiness. This process is mandatory whether the hemp processor is using the marijuana plant or not. Once the CBD plant is processed, the consumer uses CBD-rich items as an anti-inflammatory and anti-seizure items.

How Does the Distillation Process work?

The distillation processes can isolate the fractions of the enriched components of extraction. However, as the terpenes, CBD and THC have higher boiling points, the distillation under atmospheric conditions is not desirable. Exposure to oxygen at this high temperature will promote oxidation, and prolonged exposure to heat can also lead to thermal decomposition. By applying the vacuum to the system, the boiling point gets lowered. Vacuuming will remove oxygen and reduce product oxidation while keeping the boiling point temperature to reduce the overall heat exposure.

Short-Path Distillation Process for Cannabis

In this type of distillation process, the apparatus with the multi-position receiver will isolate all the components. First, the oil gets heated in the flask under a vacuum. Then the condenser remains cool within the recirculating chamber for providing cooling to condense the component vapors. This process helps in separating the terpenes, THC and CBD from the oil.

Fractional Distillation of CBD Oil

To get the best results compared to the short path distillation method, the fractional distillation uses a longer fractional column installed between the vessel with heated oil and condenser apparatus. The added length in the process will provide a refined separation of the components.

Apart from these two methods, one of the latest methods that have come into existence is the wiped film method that is the variation of the short path distillation and can operate in batches. To buy distillation apparatus for CBD extraction, head to Viking Lab Supply, one of the USA’s largest lab equipment providers.

Thursday, September 30, 2021

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