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Why is Rotary Evaporation considered Much Better Than Standardized Distillation?

The rotary evaporation is better than standard distillation in the case when you are purifying ethanol from hemp oil. Some of the major reasons for this are – rotary evaporation has a higher evaporation rate and uses a rotovap for sale in USA setup that makes the process much more efficient and smooth. You might be thinking why this happen.

Just have a glance over, the factors that help in increasing the evaporation are-

1. Decreased pressure within the evaporation system
2. Increased temperature of the solvent
3. Rotation of the flask

Though the first two factors can be altered with the rotary evaporation and standard distillation, only the flask rotation is an added feature in the rotary evaporation technique. If you want your rotary evaporation device to give the best results, you should use the best quality rotovap.

Here, you will get to know about similarities and the differences between the two methods, and customers should use rotary evaporation.

1. Decreased Pressure within the System

The presence of a vacuum in the system will decrease the pressure inside the system. This, in turn, reduces the vapour pressure needed to boil the hemp oil and lower down the solvent’s boiling point. This indicates that less heat energy is required for oil evaporation. Apart from just reducing the boiling point, lower pressure can also speed up the rate of evaporation in the solvent. Now, the solvent will evaporate faster when it closes to the boiling point. The pressure that pushes down makes it difficult for the molecules to escape as vapour. Lower pressure means that the molecules will enter the atmosphere faster. Several standard distillation setups have a vacuum, and thus the pressure can be easily controlled in these systems. If you consider this point, rotary evaporation and distillation are comparable.

2. Increased Temperature Of the Solvent

An increase in the solvent’s overall temperature will increase the vapour pressure, which leads to evaporation. However, if you use an increased temperature in the rotary evaporation or a standard distillation, it will take time and energy. This will further reduce the efficiency of using higher temperatures to evaporate the solvents. More heat is lost in an ambient environment at higher temperatures, and less heat is added to the solution bath. When both standard distillation and rotary evaporation setups have a higher temperature, they will function in the same manner. Hence, the final factor is the rotation of the flask.

3. Rotation Of The Flask

Rotation of the flask plays one of the most crucial factors, and two reasons are- the increased surface area of the solvent and agitation of water bath liquid. In the static setup, standard distillation, the surface area of solvent is limited. In the rotating flask case, the solvent will form a thin film around the side of the evaporating flask, which further increases the surface area and increases the speed of evaporation. When the flask rotates, it agitates the solvent surrounding the flask in a water bath. It will further aid in heat transfer to flask and solvent.

Hence, if you want to purify hemp oil, you can use rotary evaporation with rotovap in place of standard distillation. You can buy the best quality evaporation and distillation equipment from a trusted lab supplier like Viking Lab Supply.

Friday, May 21, 2021

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