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VLS Terpenes - Grape - 30mL

VLS Terpenes - Grape - 30mL

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 VLS Grape Terpenes

experience the bold and vibrant flavor of our in-house Grape terpene blend. Perfect for adding a burst of intense aroma and taste to your favorite products. Unlock the full potential of your creations with Viking Lab Supply Terpenes, available in a 30mL bottle. Satisfy your senses and elevate your products with every drop!

VLS brings you the concentrated essence of Grape Terpenes that are 100% natural and superior in quality. Buying wholesale terpenes online gives you an economical way to enhance the flavor and aromatic experience of your products. We provide you with a 30mL pack of Grape Terpenes, which comes with a soothing aroma, making it an ideal choice for various commercial applications.

With our wholesale platform, you can conveniently place bulk orders for VLS Grape Terpenes online. Manufactured through a natural distillation process, our terpenes are free from any synthetic additives, providing you with a true essence of grape aroma. Our concentrated terpenes offer a highly potent flavor that can be diluted according to your needs, making them highly versatile and efficient to use.

Experience unmatched quality with our readymade 30mL packs and simplify the process of buying terpenes in bulk. Wholesale terpenes online platform ensures hassle-free delivery at your doorstep. So enhance your product line with the natural and aromatic grape terpenes by VLS.

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