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Table top Buchner Funnel 18″


SKU: BNJ-0133

Category: Labware



Filter large volumes quickly with a polyethylene plastic Table-Top Buchner Funnel using your choice of Fritware® or Perforated filter plate. Removable hose barbed connector accepts 12.7mm (½”) I.D. tube and threads into ¾” NPT bung on the funnel Fixed or removable Fritware® Porous Filter Plates supported by a multiple ring grid; HDPE, 6.4mm (¼”) thick, with a non-porous ring at the periphery of the plate which seals filter paper when used Fritware® Porous Filter Plates available in two porosities (medium and coarse); medium is 45-90 microns while the coarse is 90-130 microns; use temperature range maximum 52ºC (125ºF), minimum -80ºC (-112ºF) Fixed or removable Perforated Filter Plates are made of 4.8mm (³/??”) thick HDPE with 4.8mm (³/??”) perforations on 11mm (?/??”) centers Perforated Filter Plates available in two versions (fixed or removable); fixed for coarse filtration or use with a cloth or paper filter; removable for use in precious metals recovery; use temperature range maximum 52ºC (125ºF), minimum -80ºC (-112ºF) Use the F36820-0118 Funnel Trowel to quickly and efficiently smooth fissures appearing during the filtration process

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