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Here Is What You Want To Before Investing In Labware Accessories In The USA

The decision to buy Labware accessories in the USA is significant for any laboratory operator. Some accessories can cost you a fortune. On top of that, labware equipment asks for expensive maintenance and even costlier repairs if something goes wrong. Therefore, making that initial choice and then choosing what model to get and from requires a great deal of research and effort.

There is no denying that the process of buying a new piece of laboratory equipment is intense and lengthy. It may take several weeks of communication with sales representatives before you finally decide. Plus, some equipment may be out of stock but rather custom-built after the order gets placed. Then you can expect such pieces to arrive weeks or even months after you have placed the order.

Hence, it is wise to consider the things while buying new equipment carefully.

To buy new or used lab equipment

Most people prefer buying used equipment before considering new items. While buying used equipment may save you a little money in the first place, but you will find no luck in the long run. Hefty repair bills are sure to follow you. There are good reasons to buy new accessories as opposed to used ones.


Used laboratory equipment, even refurbished, does not come with extended warranties, with up to 4 months of warranty. On the other hand, new accessories will often have a one-year warranty with an option to extend.

With used items, you will have to think about at what point the cost of potential repairs might add up to the price of a new laboratory unit, warranty, and all.

To decide whether you should buy new equipment because of the warranty, take the time to determine how you will use it. Whether you are planning on using it frequently or maybe you need it for a specific amount of time, it is vital that if something goes wrong, you can fix it quickly. This might be a good reason to invest in a new unit and to enjoy an extended warranty.

Regulatory considerations

When a new lab accessory is delivered to you, it should be in good working condition without any signs of damage from shipping. However, the unit will likely need to go through installation qualification for quality assurance purposes.

Choosing the right model

Once you have decided to purchase a new piece of lab accessory, next comes choosing the suitable model and configuration.

First, understand your lab’s needs. For example, is the speed of the equipment is your concern? Or do you need something that has the highest precision in its category?

You should also consider whether the laboratory unit is compliant with 21 CFR Part 11 for FDA regulations. Make a priority list of the most important considerations for your new lab equipment.

Next, shop around online and get a sense of how different models compare. Also, contact the manufacturers to understand everything about how the instrument should be used and which model is best for your particular application.

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Tuesday, August 31, 2021

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