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Have A Look On Complete Procedure of Short Path Distillation

Various methods are useful to distil a substance from the compound. One of the most popular types among them is short path distillation. After its development in the year 1930, short path distillation has been used for many purposes.

If you are dealing with hemp distillation, you should have a short path distillation kit in the USA that is highly effective and productive. Various companies offer these kits for the hemp purification industries and many more sectors that deal with the purification and distillation of chemicals. Here, has a complete guide on the short path distillation and its effectiveness.

What Is Short-Path Distillation

It is defined as the process mainly used to make the distillation of heavy molecules faster and efficiently. It is also called fractional distillation. It is a simple method to separate the materials from the various compounds depending upon the difference in the volatile nature with the help of low-pressure evaporation.

This process gets in name as the materials only travel for a short distance throughout the apparatus, mainly a few centimeters. Some of the common materials extracted through this process include fatty acids, fuels, polyurethane, fragrance and oils, and hemp oil.

How The Short-Path Distillation Works

Instead of using a solvent to extract the distillate from the material, the short-path distillation uses the extraction method by taking benefit of the melting point of the material. This method starts with keeping the extraction material in the feed vessel, which is sent into the heated flask in the system. The heat of the flask and extract material inside will promote evaporation.

Apart from adding heat, a vacuum is also made in the flask that decreases the atmospheric pressure inside the system. As a result, the boiling point of evaporation material gets reduced. For this reason, the short path distillation makes the distilling of the heavy molecules quicker and efficient than the rest. Besides, the vacuum also increases the evaporation process by taking the vapors into the fractional tube. These columns in the apparatus allow the mixed vapors to mix, cool, condense, and re-vaporize again. Doing this constantly will help separate the mixture, and each condensation-vaporization cycle will enrich the vapors in the component.

Common Applications of Using Short-Path Distillation

As said before, there are various applications of using the short path distillation, ranging from the pharmaceutical industry to the food industry. some of the common types of applications of the short-path distillation are-

  • Extracting CBD oil from the hemp plants
  • Creating fragrances
  • Processing the edible oils
  • Producing fuels
  • Distilling the polyurethane
  • Unstable distilling compounds
  • Distilling a small amount of compound

There are various benefits of using short-path distillation. It is compact, easy to use, helps reduce waste, is best for unstable compounds at high temperatures, helps distil small quantities, and takes less time for evaporation.


Viking Lab Supply is one of the reputed suppliers of extraction and distillation kits. If you want to buy a short path distillation kit in the USA, buy from a trusted partner.

Thursday, December 16, 2021

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