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Factors to think when purchasing labware accessories

Purchasing laboratory accessories may be a big investment for a laboratory owner. This needs you to think about some important aspects of buying labware accessories in  USA to form the foremost of your equipment.

At Viking Lab Supply, we’ve put together an inventory of things to think about before you invest in laboratory equipment that suits your needs.

Factors to think about when buying labware accessories


Prompt delivery is our utmost priority, and for labware equipment, there’s no exception. The labware accessories often get imported from overseas, and if some items are out of stock, it could take up to 10 to 12 weeks to deliver.

That is why you would like to form sure the supplier is in your locality. If you run out of stock items, don’t hesitate to ask your supplier to quote a time interval. Compare their prices to work out if you ought to compromise on time to urge a far better price.


The warranty of labware equipment is super important to think about before purchasing. The warranties may vary drastically from one manufacture to a different one. In addition, the sort of warranty you receive can also vary. Here are the questions that you should ask while looking into an equipment’s warranty:

How long is that the warranty period?

It is important to require a glance at the warranty period that’s being offered to you. You can check when the warranty period begins and when it expires. Does one get to register the product?

Who do you have to contact to form a guaranty claim?

The supplier or manufacturer – who does one contact to form the claim? Ideally, you would like to say a guaranty to the corporate from which you purchased the equipment.

What is the method of warranty?

Are you needed to send the item back to your supplier to get a warranty? Or will you’ve got to buy the return charge? Will your supplier repair, replace the merchandise, or provide you with a refund?

Is there any option as an extended warranty?

Some suppliers offer extended warranties for a further charge. While choosing whether an extended warranty is well worth the money, take the value of the equipment and therefore the warranty charge under consideration. Don’t feel pressured; do some quick calculations so that you’ll make an informed decision.


Check out if the lab equipment you’re purchasing needs routine servicing. If yes, will it’s done by their internal maintenance personnel, or does one need a more expert technician? Make sure your supplier helps you to source these technicians for servicing your equipment. Know the servicing requirements in terms of the warranty. Sometimes, you can’t claim a guaranty if a professionally accredited technician has not serviced the equipment.

The key takeaway

Choosing to get labware items can seem to be daunting. We hope the following pointers will assist you in forming an informed decision while purchasing equipment for your laboratory.

At Viking Lab Supply, we are a trusted leader in supplying laboratory equipment specializing in distillation. We keep your best interests in mind and check out our greatest to sell you items that are reliable and value for money. All the products are utilized in top laboratories worldwide. So buy from us to make sure of the quality, safety, and peace of mind.

Tuesday, September 14, 2021

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