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A Complete Guide on How to Distil Cannabis Oil for Extraction

Do you want to improve the cannabis and hemp oil extraction method? In this blog, you will know about the overview of cannabis distillation and how the hemp distillation equipment in the USA plays an important role in separating the oil from the solvent.

What Is The Cannabis Distillation Process?

The distillation is the process that helps heat the substance into the vapor form and cools it back to form the liquid. This particular process is used for separating various components having different boiling points. There are also different variations in this process, and they all depend upon the components, the temperature, and the pressure inside the system.

A simple distillation process is best for separating the materials that have different boiling points. When the liquid is heated, which is more volatile, it will easily vaporize and move through the system, re-condensing into the liquid when it passes through the chiller condenser. This results in getting the volatile substance separating from the initial product.

How is The Distillation Used for the Cannabis Oil?

The cannabis and the hemp industry use the distillation process for purifying crude oil. In this extraction process, several solvents are used like ethanol, CO2 for removing the crude oil from the plant biomass. Then the distillation equipment takes up the crude oil and then produces the pure product, mainly the THC and CBD distillate, after removing the volatiles and contaminants.

Distillation can involve removing the unwanted compounds before making the final product. The first stage mainly removes the volatiles that have low boiling points. The second stage involves distilling the desired cannabinoids leaving the contaminants like the waxes, sugar, and the leftover plant material below. The result that is formed is a pure product.

While distilling the cannabis oil, several processes or steps can be involved if the company does not carry on the winterization process to separate the products. First, it helps remove contaminants like fats, waxes, and other products from the initial oil extraction. Without the process of contaminants left in the solution, it will need to be removed during the distillation process to produce the pure final product.

It is always better to connect multiple distillation equipment to reduce the need for multiple passes through the single system.

The Short-Path Distillation- An Overview

It is the most common type of distillation method for extracting the pure product from cannabis oil. This distillation process is good because the vapor will travel a short distance before condensing and allow the equipment to take up much lesser space. Finally, the crude oil gets deposited at the bottom of the distillation flask, where it is again heated to initiate the last distillation process. This system is mainly used for smaller production as it requires much manual operation.

The short-path distillation process causes the cannabis extract to break down into the compounds like THC and CBD. They are separated at different temperature grades as they have other boiling points. Once it gets distilled, the cannabis concentrate has a higher CBD or THC content than the crude oil.

Suppose you are in the business of separating cannabis from crude oil. In that case, you can use hemp distillation equipment in the USA that is highly effective in separating the particles and getting the best product out.

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Saturday, August 7, 2021

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